H204E Mathemusical Thought

Thanks to a Liebentritt Faculty Development Opportunity award, I was able to spend time during the 2013-2014 academic year developing this course.

I will post my lecture notes throughout the semester, both in collected form, as an article document, and topic by topic in a PDF slideshow format. Clicking through the slides is a decent way of approximating the lecture experience. There are certain points where the slides are less expansive than the article, due to space constraints.

The lectures include a running list of “classics” in both music and mathematics. All musical examples can be listened to on a Spotify playlist. To access this, find and follow the course account by typing ‘spotify:user:12154018232’ (minus the quotes) into the main search window of Spotify. Our profile name is Mathemusical Thought: our profile photo is of Schoenberg playing ping pong.  (Are music, math and ping pong all really just the same thing? A topic for another course.)

00- Combined lectures


02-Basic music theory I

03-Basic music theory II

04-Frequency space

05-Pitch space


07-Pitch-class space

08-Timbre, Shepard Scales, Ligeti Etudes (ROUGH DRAFT)