Fall 2015. Besides teaching Math 132-Applied Calculus I (course website hosted on sakai), I am also teaching  H204E-Mathemusical Thought again as part of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program at LUC. You can find course material posted on its webpage.

  • Office: 516 BVM Hall
  • Office hours: Tuesdays 10-12:30, Wednesdays 4-5, and by appointment.

Elementary number theory videos. In the Fall 2012 semester, Professor Steve Doty and I collaborated on a “flipped” number theory course. Lectures took the form of videos that the students could watch at their leisure. Class time was spent instead with students presenting proofs or working problems in groups. Steve and I generated a lot of course material during this time, most of which can be found on the Math 201-Elementary number theory page.

Previous courses.

Fall 2014. Classes taught: H204E-Mathemusical Thought, Math 131-Applied Calculus I.

Spring 2014. Classes taught: Math 318/418-Combinatorics, Math 132-Applied Calculus I, Math 162-Calculus II.

Fall 2013. Classes taught: Math 131-Applied Calculus I, Math 162-Calculus II.

Spring 2013. Classes taught: Math 131-Applied Calculus I, Math 132-Applied Calculus II.

Fall 2012. Classes taught: Math 132-Applied Calculus II, Math 201-Number Theory.

Spring 2012. Classes taught: Math 132-Applied Calculus II, Math 201-Number Theory.

Fall 2011. Classes taught: Math 100-Intermediate Algebra, Math 131-Applied Calculus, and Stat 103-Fundamentals of Statistics.

My teaching statement.