If it comes up at a cocktail party that I do a little bit of music in addition to mathematics, I often hear something to this effect: “Well, math [speaker holds up left hand], music [speaker holds up right hand]…same thing really.” After years of nodding vacantly in response to such statements, I eventually decided to look into these claims more seriously.

New Course

During the Fall 2014 semester I will be running a course in the LUC Honors Program that explores the connections between mathematics and music. You can find lecture notes on the course website.


    • Music is applied mathematics. Loyola University Chicago. December 2012. Here is the abstract, here the slides.
    • What is. . . the big deal with math and music? Berlin Mathematical School. May 2010. View my slides(unfortunately without audio for the moment)
    • The aesthetics of math and music. Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY. December 2009.